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Carlo Gavazzi - Dupline

DuplineŽ features at a glance_____________________________________________________________

  • Up to 10 km transmission distance without Repeaters
  • Easy handling
  • Extremely noise immune
  • Free topology
  • Flexible
  • No special cable requirements
  • Existing cable can be used
  • Bus-powered devices avaible
  • Flexible interfacing to PCL's and PC's
  • Transmission via GSM modem, radiomodem or fiber optics possible
  • Proven performance in more than 100.000 installations
  • Cost-Effective

What is DuplineŽ?______________________________________________________________________________

What is DuplineŽ ? DuplineŽ is a field- and installation-bus that offers unique solutions for a wide range of applications in building automation, water distribution, energy management, railway systems and many other areas. The system is capable of transmitting multiple digital and analog signals over several km, via an ordinary 2-wire cable. And its modular design and simple operating principle enable even novices to implement its use in new or existing applications. Solutions are engineered by combining products from the wide range of DuplineŽ modules, including digital and analog I/O modules, PLC and PC interfaces, HMIs and Modems. All modules in an installation connect to the same 2-wire cable which is used to exchange data between modules and between a central controller and modules. DuplineŠ is typically used as a remote I/O system, creating a link between field devices, such as sensors, contactors, valves, pushbuttons etc. and a central Monitoring Controller, which may be a PLC, PC or the DuplineŽ Controller. But DuplineŽ can also be used as a simple wire replacement system where signals are transmitted peer-to-peer without involving a controller or other intelligent unit. The DuplineŽ signals can be transmitted not only on copper wire, but also on fiber optic cable, via radio modem, on leased telephone lines or via GSM Modem. DuplineŽ has proven its performance in more than 100.000 installations worldwide since 1986. And even though the latest ASIC technology is used today, the new DuplineŽ modules are still compatible with those installed 17 years ago.